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Smarta Recruitment | The Benefits of a Video CV
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The Benefits of a Video CV

The Benefits of a Video CV

You have perfected your curriculum vitae and forwarded it to a variety of potential employers. Unfortunately, despite your impressive background and your diligent job hunting efforts, it can be a struggle to get a response from the businesses for which you long to work. At Smarta we have developed a tool on our webiste that allows you to upload a ‘Video CV’ as this point to take an alternative approach to the seemingly never-ending job hunt. Consider supporting that paper or web-based CV with a refreshing 90 second video. There many benefits of the increasingly popular video CV.


What is a Video CV?

A video CV does exactly what it says on the tin. It’s all about making your CV stand out and catch the employer’s attention visually!

That’s why at Smarta we believe in standing out from the crowd . Firstly, they’re completely different to the standard A4 sized CV. Secondly, they give your job application personality straight from the off. The employer will be able to see you, get a feel for the type of person you are and will also be able put a face to the name straight away.


Highlighting key skills and Achievements

Talk through your experiences, Keys achievements an success stories. What are your personal interests and what are you looking for next?


Demonstrating Communication Skills

In some fields, a personable demeanor is far more important than an impressive educational or career background. If you have a way with words, why not show off this enviable skill? A carefully-designed CV will prove that you are able to effectively communicate with customers, clients, supervisors and fellow employees.


Better Opportunity For A Positive First Impression

Job recruiters look at dozens, hundreds or even thousands of applications from a variety of prospective employees. Although these numerous aspiring workers all boast their own unique qualities, they often look the same on paper. As such, making a good first impression can be incredibly difficult. A video CV allows the applicant to put his or her unique personality on display, thereby creating the potential for a positive and very memorable first impression.


Standing Out

In a competitive economy, we are forced to play a numbers game, hoping that, if they send out enough CVs and applications, they will miraculously catch the eye of the right employer. A video CV is a far more proactive approach — and it is bound to stand out. Setting yourself apart from the crowd with a video CV may seem like a bit of a risk, but for many prospective employees, it is SMARTA risk that later pays huge dividends.


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